The best way to create pixel art.

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Made for professionals

From the outset, Pixaki has been designed with professionals in mind.

The app itself is a piece of art, with a gorgeous gallery displaying your creations. Creating pixel art with Pixaki’s touch controls is every bit as precise as on a desktop, but feels more natural and intuitive. Built exclusively for iPad, the app is easy to use, but has the power to create anything from retro game characters to vast isometric cityscapes, with support for canvas sizes up to 512x512.

Colour reinvented

Pixaki reinvents colour selection for touch, with its unique hue picker that lets you accurately select the colour you want from an infinitely scrolling spectrum. Work with a full range of 16 million colours, or create your own palette for each piece of art. You start each new artwork with a gorgeous 16 colour palette, derived from the muted tones of the Commodore 64.

Layer up

Take the same workflow you use on the desktop to the iPad with layers. Create, duplicate, reorder and merge layers in Pixaki, with support for up to 20 simultaneous layers for each artwork.

Copy & paste

Select an area on your canvas, move it around, cut it, copy it and paste it, both within the app and outside to other apps. You can copy and paste entire layers too. Not only that, but you can copy and image from any other app, like Safari, Photos, Mail or Pages, and paste it into your artwork as a new layer.

Zoom in

Get in close to your art like never before with 400x zoom. Use two fingers to pinch in and pan around smoothly, without breaking your creative flow. And as you zoom, a grid automatically appears allowing you to place every pixel with precision.

Share anywhere

Sharing is built in to the app, just as you’d expect. Send your artwork to your photo library, via email, to Twitter, Facebook or to any compatible app on your iPad. Pixaki gives you the option to scale up your artwork using a nearest neighbour scaling algorithm so that you can be certain that wherever you artwork goes it will look as great as you intended. You can also email your artwork as a .pixaki file so that you can collaborate with other Pixaki users.


Export all of your layers and their opacities to a PSD file, compatible with Photoshop, Pixelmator and many other desktop apps. If you have the Dropbox iOS app installed, you can easily send the Photoshop document to Dropbox and keep on editing on your desktop where you left off with Pixaki.


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